Has anyone had to be induced with their second (or subsequent kiddo) after successful spontaneous previous labor/delivery?

DS came out of no where at 38 weeks, 2 days (4.5 years ago). It was a pretty “easy/fast” first labor/delivery they tell me. I started contracting in the evening. Contractions ramped up steadily overnight and DS was born 20 mins after arriving at the hospital at 9am.

Now here I am at 39 weeks 5 days with lots of Braxton Hicks and not much else. DD seems to be rather comfy in there. I don’t think anyone thought I’d make it this far including me. I am a gestational diabetic but my numbers have been perfect so I think my OB will let me go to 41.5/42, I’m just not sure if I want to and am starting to think about possibly inducing next week.

There don’t seem to be many stories out there about people needing inductions after spontaneous labors. Google actually automatically turns the question around lol. So, anyone else on HB been through this?