My OB office said they want to induce at 37 weeks because of on-again-off-again high BP and baby measuring very large (u/s and fundal height).

This is my 2nd baby. First pregnancy had pre eclampsia but not until the very end. I was induced at 40 wks 4 days and had her vaginally the following day. She was 7lb 10oz. I had a mild hemmhorage after.

I'm conflicted. A large baby isn't reason enough to induce, but I guess the combo of big baby/high-ish BP is enough to recommend it.

37 weeks just feels mega early to me. Breastfeeding was a horrendous nightmare last time and I really want it to go better this time. I worry a 37 weeker and an induction will make breastfeeding a challenge at the beginning.

I also worry about him not being fully developed and my body not being ready for labor and needing a c section. Which will be another thing potentially messing with breastfeeding.

I have another appt Thursday and plan to voice my concerns, but they are the doctors/experts so I will defer to their recommendations. Just wondering your thoughts or if you had any good sources of information I could read (not just a random Google search)