I'm nearly 35w and went to an OB appt today. I was floored when the OB mentioned that they will probably want to induce me at 39w because I had a 32 hour labor (with 3 hours of pushing,) DS was nearly 10 lbs, and we needed a vacuum assist. It was awful and painful because I had a failed epidural.

My OB is concerned that I could need a c/s this time around if we don't induce early (I was really close to a c/s last time.) I know a c/s would be totally fine, but after laboring and pushing that long, I really wanted a vaginal birth.

Is this reasonable? I mean, I was hoping to go into labor naturally, but I also see their hesitation. Maybe one week early isn't that big of a deal...I don't know. I just don't want a repeat of DS'S birth.
Any insights or experiences?