So Hubs and I are leaving Xander (will be 5 months) with grandparents (Hubs dad and step-mom) for a weekend (Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon), and I'm wondering what kind of instructions and how detailed should I leave them. I'm thinking just something like this:
Bottle: 5oz every ~3 hours, warmed to room temperature
Nap: ~2 hours from last wake-up
Bedtime: ~7:00 p.m., depending on last nap

Bedtime Routine: Bottle, diaper change, PJs, read 2-3 books, put to bed (Remember to turn on white-noise machine)
9:00 p.m. - wake to feed last bottle

Middle of the night wake-ups: Give pacifier if fussy
Should I have anything else? What would you put in your instructions for grandparents (or whoever) watching your LO for a night/weekend?