Hey, Bees! I'm so curious what everyone's experience is on this. Did your parents or in-laws make their own complete nursery with crib, changing table, etc. etc. in their own home?

I ask because:
My MIL said we don't have to worry about bringing our pack-and-play come the holidays (we will visit for a weekend) because she's converting her daughter's room into a full nursery for our baby. Her daughter lives in town and stays over regularly; this is her childhood bedroom. Apparently SIL wasn't thrilled to hear she was losing her room; I don't blame her! We'd assumed we would put our pack-and-play in our room with us (DH's childhood room). We live 8 hours away and only stay at their house twice a year for weekend lengths. DH's grandparents didn't have a room for him at their house and my grandparents didn't either when we were kids, so we were surprised by this.

If I'm being honest, I felt a little weirded out, but I'm not sure if this is because it's so different from my own childhood or maybe I'm being a first-time mama and hormonal! My first thought was that SIL is not having kids (the room will solely belong to our kid) and MIL isn't going to be babysitting for us every day because we live far away, so this felt excessive. (Buying a crib to be used so briefly?!) Oddly, I had the thought, "It's like she thinks it's *her* baby."

I'm so curious what you Bees have experienced!