So, I got a letter yesterday from my insurance saying that our pediatrician would no longer be accepting our insurance. I'm in the process of interviewing for another job (I have our current insurance) so I'm not sure if I want to find a new pediatrician when my new insurance may be covered by our current pediatrician. DD was born 6 weeks early and I'm very particular about his medical health and am not crazy about trying to find another pediatrician since his current pediatrician specializes in preemies. According to the letter there appears to be a 90 day grace period. Should I stick with my current pediatrician assuming I will find a new job that covers this pediatrician? Or start the search for a new pediatrician. Or should we see about getting our son covered by my husbands insurance so we don't have to switch pediatricians. I'm not sure if our pediatrician leaving our insurance group would be considered a "qualifing event" though. Thoughts????