my insurance does cover some parts of infertility (not in-vitro, but some of the "earlier" parts) including diagnostic. I don't even have to pay my deductible, it's just covered at 100% not going toward deductible.

However, I'm hitting a snag. I went in last month to get some tests done since i didn't have my period in 5 months and they did some blood work and a ultrasound to test for PCOS. These are all tests used as DIAGNOSTIC tests, but i don't yet have the DIAGNOSIS of infertility. My insurance company is saying the tests (even though diagnostic tests are covered) won't be covered under the infertility coverage since i haven't been officially diagnosed. It's a chicken and egg situation... they DO cover diagnostic (says so very very clearly on my insurance) but they're saying they won't pay it because i haven't been diagnosed yet.

Any suggestions? I'm going crazy over here. I tried calling the doctors office, too, and they said they can't change the coding on it to infertility until i'm actually diagnosed with it, so it can't be coded any differently.