My husband and I are both self-employed, so we have to buy our own insurance. Our plan in 2016 was pretty good and affordable, but the plan won't be offered next year. In fact, where we are located, almost every insurance company is refusing to issue policies that aren't employer group sponsored. Now we have just one company and two plans on the exchange. I feel like our options now are pathetic, but maybe you all can give me some perspective on what's available in your area. My husband seriously thinks we might have to move soon if this issue gets worse.

Seemingly our best choice for a young non-smoking family of 3 (next year expanding to 4!):

Humana Bronze HSA
$916/mo (that's $10,992/yr)
Deductible $4800 individual; $9600 family
OOP Max $6550 individual; $13,100 family
Comes with a very narrow network of providers only for Marketplace shoppers (not the normal Humana network).

*Humana is also offering a Silver plan on the Marketplace here, but it costs $300+/mo more for a lower deductible (but higher max OOP). I realized the higher premium more than outpaced the lower deductible and nixed that option.

What kind of choices do you have?