I am currently on DH's insurance plan, but I am about to start a new job and I am trying to decide whether I should stay with DH's insurance or get covered by my employer. It would be cheaper monthly for me to be covered by my employer (DH's employer pays for almost all of his coverage, and my employer would pay for almost all of mine, so if we were each covered separately it would be close to nothing per month). I am just worried about costs of delivery since we are going to start TTC soon.

Did any of you call your insurance company prior to TTC or once you got your BFP to see how much it would cost to deliver? Is that something you can even do? Is it just based on the deductible? I am just worried about switching to my employer's insurance then finding out that doctor visits/delivery would have been much cheaper under DH's insurance (or vice versa). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!