I need a wee bit of advice. I have to change my health insurance in the next couple of weeks and will be on United Healthcare going forward. I have a choice of two plans. The first one is and Open Access Choice plan. It has no deductible, no coinsurance and everything is 100% covered. The kicker however is that everything has to be in network. There is no out of network coverage at all.

My second choice is a 90/70 plan. My deductible would be $250, the family deductible after baby arrives would be $500 ($750 if out of network). Out of pocket maximums are $1,500-3000 for individual or $3,000-$6000 for family depending on whether one is in network or not.

If I go with the first one, I could conceivably have nothing to pay except for copays if I am always in teh network. But is it worth the risk or are there too many factors that I cannot control and should I go for a 90/70 plan which definitely means spending soem money but i we happen to be out of network will at least provide some cover?

Sorry for the novel, I am not used to having to worry about this. I have previously always opted for 100/60 plans but no longer have that option.