Starting a new IF thread if anyone wants to join me for accountability and support!

I did IF 16:8 in the fall and lost 20 pounds. Well, 9 weeks into quarantine and 10 are back. I honestly haven’t tried to fast much since January and started baking etc and it all caught up to me. Not ok!!

The hard thing about restarting is that it’s way more natural to me to fast after lunch - I often did like 3pm-7am because dh worked long hours and I would just feed the kids dinner. Now we have family meals every night so I’m aiming for 6pm-10am but if I get 15 hours I’ll call it good. I really love eating when I get up so I just have to break the habit. My other plan is to cut the baking. I can keep ice cream and popsicles around for the kids no problem, but cookies and such are bad news. I can stick to breads which aren’t so tempting.

Anyone else want to join? I think we’ll (all 5 of us) be mostly home until mid July so I’m hoping to re-lose that 10 by then. And hopefully have habits built to stick with this plan longer - I knew skipping dinner wouldn’t work forever.