I've been lurking around the bee for a while, but I really need some help and this is the first place I thought of
I'm going to be traveling internationally with my littles (6 and 1.5) alone in a few weeks to visit my husband. I've never traveled with them alone before and its feeling kind of overwhelming. (I've never really traveled alone before in general haha) I'm just curious, what are some of your best tips and tricks? Packing, snacks, toys, all of it! I'm also looking for a travel stroller; all the reviews seem to be kind of inconsistent. While I'm not opposed to just getting an umbrella stroller, I'd like something a little more substantial that I can use for more than just this trip. {We do frequent amusement parks and weekends walking our city, things like that} I am also planning on taking my Ergo. Right now I'm just planning on some carry-on luggage because it's really only going to be a few days and there is only one short layover stateside for the flight. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!!