My mom has been super excited trying to plan our family vacation to Europe next year (when baby will be about 3 or 4 months). Since we'll be cruising there, I'm not too worried about baby's schedule, etc.

My concern comes with the looong flight!
- Anyone taken an international flight with an infant? Tips? Advice?
- I also know I've seen some planes that you can request a seat with the wall in front and they put a bassinet. Does anyone know how to request this and/or what to do to try and get this spot? Or do you recommend a better seating area?
- Also, how and where do you change the baby on the airplane? On the seats just next to the other passengers? Do most international flights have a changing table in the bathroom? (I say no, DH thinks yes.)
- Lastly, do you think upgrading to Business or First Class is better with an infant or useless (without the bassinet thing?)

I'm sure more travel questions will arise as we get closer, but since we are in the process of booking flights, I was hoping to get my requests in sooner for better seats.