I know there is a general guideline for how much clothing we should put on our baby (5 month old), such as one layer more than what I am wearing, but I haven't been abiding by those rules. I get cold easily anyway, but sometimes, temperatures do fall to 60 degrees inside our home, but the most clothing I've put on him indoors is a long sleeve onesie and maybe a fleece sleeper. I know that *I* personally would need a lot more layers to feel comfortable, but he seems okay with it? I'm not sure! I also dip cloth wipes in cold water and wipe his bum with it too! Wouldn't he complain about being cold and uncomfortable, or does he just not know any better? This also applies when we go out. I may be cold, but I usually don't add more layers than I do when he's inside (mainly because I'm using a carrier). I do put a hat on him, but that's about it. He also sleeps in a very cold room as well. I frankly don't know how he does it!! What do you think?