So, this morning I did something really stupid.

L threw a toy under my desk. The keyboard tray was extended, and my depth perception was, apparently, off. I smacked my forehead right in the corner of the tray. Which is metal. It hurt so bad I kinda lost my breath and cried a little. DH watched the whole thing happen. As I sat on the floor pouting all he did was say "OUCH" and then, after I stopped whining he came over and moved my head and looked at it and said "well, it's not bleeding!"

I was kind of hoping he would be all "OMG ARE YOU OK? DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU MIGHT DIE? SHOULD I TAKE YOU TO EMERG? CALL 911?"

I should update him on boo-boo protocol. He failed.

How would your SO have dealt with that kind of situation?