This morning DH and I got in a little tiff and were annoyed with each other for a few hours. We rarely argue, and this morning was seriously about nothing which made me more annoyed that we were arguing about it.

DH is kinda of a "needs space" kinda guy when he's frustrated or mad. So I was giving him a bunch of space while I let go of my frustrations. He had some things to do so he left to do them, said he was going, and I said ok, said bye and I said nothing. (it's so rare that I don't say goodbye to him, so I guess he knew I was SERIOUS! haha)

Later, while he was out I got a text message from him telling me how much he loved me and how sorry he was for our misunderstanding.

He always does this. After he's taken his "time" he will send me love text messages and apologize and explain why he's sorry. haha I think it's the cutest thing ever. He says what I need him to say (and I always apologize back, if I need to!).

Not sure why he can't say it to my face, but he can't. I appreciate that he does try. Sorry for the novel!

What is your SO apologizing style?