I'm upset... we have been TTC baby #2 and I'm on IUI #3 now. They have me take 7.5 mg of letrozole from day 3-7. Then I go for an ultrasound to check how many follicles. Then they have me use opks and when I get a positive I go in for the IUI.

First try I had 4 follicles. Second try I had 2 and this time they said I had at least 3 "quiet" ones so they thought maybe I ovulated already. They took a blood test and said I may need to go in for another ultrasound next week, but also to keep testing for ovulation just in case.

What could have caused this??? I am pretty sure I have not ovulated yet because there is no mistaking the pain when I do. But wouldn't letrozole have worked by now? I think I'm on day 12 or something now.