I did a longer post on my blog (link in my profile, I don't know if this is like WB where we can't post it?)

Anyway check out my blog for the long story but since 99.9% of HB doesn't read my blog I had to post here too!! DH and I were comparing traits we want to give our baby and realized baby is SCREWED when it comes to either of our feet. I have oversized, bulbous big toes, and he has crazy hobbit feet with a big space between his big toe and the others. Long story short the u/s tech heard us talking about it, thought it was funny but said we wouldn't be able to tell, then low and behold.... HOBBIT FEET. She even wrote it on one u/s per my request. We laughed so hard we cried. She even asked us to bring baby in so she could see if the u/s was right about the space between the toes like DH has! Our poor hobbit footed baby!!!!!!!!! At least he or she (we know but we aren't telling until we reveal to our families in person in July) will have parents with equally bad feet! HAHA!

(Also DH refuses to allow pictures of his feet on the internet hahahaha.)