Hi everyone,
Just had a question I'm hoping you ladies can help me with. I had my 20 week assessment where they measure the amount of amniotic fluid, that the baby has the right bones in the right places, gender!, etc etc. I was under the impression this was a regular part of my (and everyone's) prenatal care and would be covered by insurance like all my other prenatal appts are (with a $20 copay).

However, I just received a statement from my insurance company saying that I may owe $260 for the ultrasound. (My insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield and has usually given me some great coverage overall).

Did you ladies have to pay "extra" for the 20 week ultrasound? I don't remember this happening with my first pregnancy - every time they sent me to the hospital for a special ultrasound, I only had to pay a $20 copay. I guess I'll have to dig into my prenantal file folders to jog my memory but wanted to know what your experience was.