After trying to recover emotionally and physically from my miscarriage a few months ago, my husband and I are ready to get back on the fertility treatment wagon. I'm really reluctant to do another IUI, especially since the doctor said that at my age (I'll be 40 in August), the odds aren't great. We really just want to move on to IVF but can't afford it since our insurance pays for absolutely NOTHING.

I recently heard about these IVF vacations - you can go to another country where the cost is significantly lower than in the US. (Here's just one example: ) At first the idea sounded a little crazy and risky but now I'm wondering about it. Does anybody have any experience with this? Good or bad? Or looked into it and made a decision to not to do it for any reason? The fact that IVF costs around $10,000 (and up!) in the US is so frustrating and makes it so out of reach for so many people. I'd love to hear everybody's thoughts on this!