We bought a used fixed-wheel BOB jogging stroller.
One of the back wheels is bent, so it needs to be replaced.

My husband doesn't want to use it because he doesn't like running with the fixed wheel - we don't have any straight line streets or trails (New Engand).
I haven't run with it yet, so i'm not sure.

I have two questions:
1) Does anyone have a video demonstrating how to run with a fixed wheel stroller? I cannot find one on youtube or google!! We would either be running on local streets (so making more than 10 90-degree turns during a run) or a very large running circle, which I guess would mean constantly pulling the fixed-wheel stroller to one side - which I assume would be extremely exhausting to my arms.
2) Does anyone recommend a swivel wheel jogging stroller besides the BOB? I was looking a Burley, a Schwin, and Joovy.

(my DD is 2.5 years old)

Thank you!