I didn't know where to put this because it touches on postpartum, nursing and general health.

So on top of a cold I think I may have thrush...?

I'm not sure though. I have a feeling I have a yeast infection. But also my nipple have been a little itchy, and I've gotten sharp pains in my breasts randomly between feedings. L is super fussy and gassy. I can't tell if some of his fussiness is from this or the heat.

I'm in pain as well. Where my episiotomy scar starts, is red, hard and sensitive to the touch. So maybe it's infected?

Does does that sound like thrush? Should I be going to a walk in tomorrow or try and get in with my ob?

I don't know what to do or what issue to deal with. I'm so frustrated and it doesn't he,p that I can't stop bouncing L because he screams bloody murder at me.