I took K into the pediatrician this morning since I was concerned about her increasing spitting up and worried she has acid reflux or some kind of food allergy. She's also been fussier than normal and had to sleep on my chest the entire night.

While we were there, the doctor was concerned about the whiteness around her lips. She always has this whiteness on her lips, especially after feeding. I always just suspected it was from the Lanolin or ointment I was using for my nipples combined with the milk making it look white. After feedings, it just becomes drier looking. FTM fail! Apparently this was a sign of THRUSH!

I actually had looked up the signs of thrush a couple days ago because my boobs have been hurting so much. But I didn't have any white stuff on my nipples, and all the baby pictures showed white rough patches on baby's tongue. So I didn't think that was it. Well, it is. Apparently we've got thrush.

AND acid reflux and maybe some GI issues he said. So now I am on antibiotics (hopefully this will help with the sharp, burning pains) and K is on Nystatin for a month! I have to give it to her 3x's a day! How did you give it to your LO? I'm sure she spit out almost half of the first dose I tried to give her. Stupid medicine dispenser paci I got in a first aid kit is broken too! I need to go get another one if those work. Did they work for your LO? Or did you mix it in with some milk? I'm BF'ing, but I can pump some to mix if that works?

She's also to take liquid Zantac and probiotics. I think it will be a full-time job just to give her all these doses throughout the day!

If you and your LO had thrush, how long did it last? And how did you help make giving meds better? I read a lot of people gave Gentian Violet? Where do you get this and did you give it in addition to the prescriptions? Any additional advice is appreciated! The doc said it can be so hard to get rid of - months even!