Right now, my son attends an in-home daycare (with kids ranging from 1-4) While the DCP has a tendency to drive me batty, she knows what she is doing and provides a quality experience. She's been suggesting my son goes to preschool next year (fall 2019) because he is speech delayed/immature and she thinks he would benefit from only being with same-aged peers. While that is all fine and well, our baby girl will be starting at this same daycare in March. Just today, the DCP said that she said my son has progressed so much and she thinks he would be ready for kinder without preschool. I know it seems a ways off, but open houses for preschools around here are in January.

Pros of keeping same daycare for both kids--
-- kids get to be together until DS turns 5 (he's currently 3.5 and DD is 4 months)
-- simplicity of 1 drop off/pick up (I would have to do both for both kids)
--only having to keep track of policies for one place
--wouldnt have to leave the house as early
--DS has already been to 3 different daycares
--daycare provides all food
-- I should add that this is an academically minded in-home daycare, but probably not as academic as an actual preschool

Pros of putting DS in preschool--
--about 250 dollars cheaper per month
--probably more academically enriching
--Being with same aged peers would probably help his speech and for him to mature more before kinder

Any thoughts?