Not sure where this really should be posted -

If you have a newborn/infant and older kids, to you have a "safe place" to put the infant if you need to leave the room (like to use the bathroom, answer the door, switch a load of laundry, etc.)? Or do you always make either the baby/older child with you, or separate them in some way?

My DDs try to be "helpful" with their newborn sister, but I'm afraid that they can be a little too rough (jamming a paci in her mouth, leaning their weight on her little body when they bend over to kiss her), or that she might get hurt if they start rough-housing or if something gets thrown. So far I've been trying to either take her (or a "helper" with me when I leave the room, or placing her on the opposite side of a baby gate when possible...but I'm wondering if there is a better solution?!