I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a summer vacation kids would enjoy that aren't the beach. We (parents) will be fully vaccinated by that time, but I'm not sure we're ready to fly yet, so ideal would be driving distance from Atlanta.

We've done beach vacations for the last several years, including renting a socially distant beach house last year, and my husband is tired of the beach. Our daughter is 5, so I'm not sure she's up for too many historical sights or heavy sight seeing yet. And aside from maybe camping, I can't think of too many alternatives.

Obviously case numbers and health requirements at that time will factor into the decision. I'm hoping that with the current pace of vaccines we can find something over the summer that isn't super risky.

We're probably looking at a week in July. We'll have our daughter and maybe 1-2 other kids with us, all in the under 5 age range. (We're foster parents, so it's a little hard predicting the future state of placements.) Any suggestions are welcome! What have your kids enjoyed?

PS. We're thinking Disney for spring break 2022 after things are hopefully a bit more "normal". I'm pretty sure my husband would complain constantly about the Disney heat if we went this summer.