Hey all,

I am going to Cancun in a week to celebrate my best friend's wedding. I am super excited for him and honored to be his "Best Woman" as he was my "Man of Honor"

I plan on calling my doctor to check but anyone have any tips on how to take care of me and baby?

Obviously there will be no drinking or other risky activities this time around (no scubaing, zip lining, etc). I know not to go in the jacuzzi/hot tub. I figure I'll request a "pat down" at the airport. I know to stay hydrated.

But other than that?? Anything else I should know???

Also, any tips on how to handle the fact that I'm not really ready to tell people would be super appreciated! I do plan on telling the groom and his partner and then figured I should let the bridal party know (long time friends) so they are not wondering why I'm not drinking? They all know I was hoping to be pregnant by the wedding. I don't want to take away any attention from the wedding and planned on emailing them and telling them it's early and I'm not really ready to talk about it yet but wanted them to know? My 12 week appt isnt until I get back from Cancun and clearly I am still nervous and want to be cautious!

Any help is always appreciated!