What are your thoughts on kids attending funerals?

We have an almost one-year-old and a three-and-a-half year old. Both are great kids. Both find it hard to sit quietly in church, understandably.

DH's uncle's funeral is next week. It will be a full requiem mass, but aunt is saying it will be a celebration and children are very, very welcome.

Initially I was going to keep the kids home then join everyone at the wake with them. However, the more I think about it, I wonder whether I should take them. DD, especially, has asked a lot of questions about death lately. Part of me wants her to know it is okay, even if people she loves are crying, they are okay and funerals are part of life. We English are SO stiff upper lip about everything, especially people crying. I want my kids to be more socially accepting of this stuff.

Anyway, is this too much too soon? Even though it will be deeply religious, my MIL especially is very understanding about kids not being able to sit still in church. She says it's their way of talking to God and I think the family would be okay if there was a bit of kid noise (I obv would take them out if too much).

Also, I think the kids would really cheer everyone up. Especially DH's aunt and daughter, who gave stressed not to wear black, it's a celebration etc. But obviously I don't want to upset my daughter.

Very torn on this one. Thoughts?