Let's set this up. My husband had a fairly severe case of COVID earlier this year (including hospitalization). We also lost a family friend to COVID during my husband's recovery. Me and one of our children did test positive when my husband was ill but our symptoms were mild in nature and we didn't suspect COVID for us until my husband was positive and significantly symptomatic.

My husband has gone to his employer everyday wearing a mask (and still is required to do so). I'm at work without a mask (no longer required). Our children are at a summer camp unmasked. School will resume for our kids in August in a NORMAL (pre-COVID) manner.

My husband and I are both fully vaccinated. Our children are not eligible for vaccine (under 12). Our children still mask when in public (shopping) as do we to make it easier for the kids.

We have not seen any family members in person since March 2020 (our families are not in our local area). Is it unreasonable to ask family to be vaccinated before they stay in our home or our children stay in their home? How are you handling this within your own home?