Is it just me Or does it bother you too when kind strangers always offer your LO with candy, sweets and desserts?

This happens to us quite a few times. Kind strangers think my LO is cute. Then they bring him candy. A waitress in a Japanese restaurant brought him a huge lollipop in the middle of the dinner (I mean seriously lady? I am always struggling to get healthy food in my LO and you brought him this gigantic lollipop in the beginning of a meal??) , and a perfect stranger who saw LO on the plane and thought he was cute, and pulled out a lollipop and gave it to me (which I thanked him and declined).

All these are super nice people and they all meant well, just that I get irritated by this culture. Candy brings cavity and obesity but people give it out as a kind gesture. Halloween just makes me scratch my head to be honest. (I didn't grow up in the USA ... I always know about it but never experienced it fully until last year.) And yes we r the type of parents who still hasn't exposed him to candy yet.... Not even gummy bears or cotton candy. Or even Popsicles. The only candy he tasted was the chocolate from strawberry fondue. LO is 2.5 years old.

I know they probably don't have kids themselves and/or they don't know people who is a pain in the butt like me existed. I know. I am just saying this culture of candy means well bothers me.

Just curious to know your thoughts.