How do you approach it if your LO proclaims they are in "LOVE"? Do you just roll with it? Do you try to discourage the word love and use "like" or something else?

Curious bc we are here and our DD has declared she loves a boy in her class..... honestly both DH and I were caught off guard and at first it is cute. But then it hit me that she's awfully young to be using that word in this context. However, we say we love each other often in our home.

I don't want to minimalize her feelings or make her uncomfortable or like she can't share her feelings with us by dismissing them or telling her she is wrong and she doesn't love this boy bc she doesn't know what love is.... I also don't want her to get "hurt" if he doesn't return the feelings (although it appears he does kind of like her... and I'm not sure she'd even be "hurt" if he didn't....????)

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else with kids a little older has dealt with young love and how you approached it, if at all...…?

I think that ultimately its fine and when she says love she means it in her way, her innocent, kindergarten way....

Curious to get others input and insight if you've been here or what you think you'll do when you do get to this.