Dylan is 14 months adjusted (17 1/2 actual, but we typically go by his adjusted age). He seems basically on track for everything, not walking yet, but close, good fine and gross motor, but I'm just not quite sure about language.

Here's what I found on BBC about warning signs for language.
By 12 months:
Doesn't say "mama" or "dada"
Doesn't use gestures such as waving, shaking her head, or pointing
Doesn't practice using at least a couple of consonants (like p or b, for example)
Doesn't understand and respond to words such as "no" and "bye-bye"
Isn't pointing out things of interest such as a bird or airplane overhead
Doesn't say single words Between 12 and 15 months
Doesn't babble as if talking

Dylan says "dada" all the time, but doesn't really say it to DH. He has said "mama" before, but I haven't heard it in months and months although the nanny has. He's never said it to me. He's said "da" and "dag" for dog and I'm pretty sure he's said "ca" for car and a version of turtle (He loves his Twilight Turtle). But he very inconsistently says these words to the object.

He occasionally shakes his head, but does not point and I've never seen him wave although the nanny has.

He babbles like crazy with all kinds of vowels and consonants. It sounds like a full-on alien language.

He definitely responds to all kinds of words including no, so receptive language seems okay.

What do you think?