I'm likely overthinking this but since that's what I do best :)...

LO is 27 months and over Labor Day, we're leaving her with my mom and dad for 2 days and 2 nights while hubby and I are going out of town. My mom is awesome with LO, so I have no worries there, but a few things are starting to stress me out, mostly around the fact that LO is a very easily stimulated/overstimulated kid, and we're throwing a bunch of things at her at once.

1) She's staying at their house for the first time without a parent. She's been there before, but we only go there every 6-ish months so it might as well be new to her. And she's staying with my in-laws in the night before we drop her off at my parents (though my husband will be there with her for that night) so lots of environment shifts.

2) It's her first time away from us for that long. We did one short overnight a few weeks ago, but my mom was at our house for that so not a lot of new stuff, really.

3) My mom has a pretty big agenda of activities planned for them (meeting family, outings, etc).

4) My dad is very fond of his evening news and generally having the TV on whenever he's at home. We never turn the TV on, except one of her Elmo or Barney videos here and there, and I never cared in the past when we visited, but recently, LO has been especially sensitive to stimulation so it's concerning me more than usual.

So all that combined makes me worry that LO is going to get exceptionally overstimulated, which for her means a really hard time sleeping and even meltdowns. I definitely plan to mention to my mom that she's been extra wired lately for a variety of reasons, but any other tips to make this smoother? I'm probably worrying over nothing, but I probably wouldn't be a FTM if I didn't We plan to bring all her loveys and familiar objects and stuff like that but I'd love any tips beyond that. My mom doesn't really believe that overstimulation is a thing, so it's a bit of an uphill climb to make the case.