I posted recently about my almost 16 month old who isn't really walking. He runs around the house like a crazy man with his walker and is happy to walk anywhere holding my hand, but refuses to take more than a step or two on his own (and even those 1-2 steps are pretty infrequent). Otherwise he's right on target with his development - has about 10 words, understands everything we say and follows simple directions, feeds himself with a spoon/fork, etc.

So when LO turned 1 in September and wasn't crawling yet (he started about 10 days later), his day care told us we had to get him evaluated by early intervention. So we did and he qualified for physical therapy because he wasn't pulling himself to stand yet at 12.5 months. (He passed all the other areas with flying colors.) He has been in physical therapy 1x week since then, but we recently decided to stop services at the recommendation of his PT because she feels there is nothing wrong with him other than not wanting to "let go" yet. (Not sure how EI works in other states but our state is income based and we were paying $120/session, which is a lot of money when LO refuses to even stand up for her.)

Well today I find out that day care is moving all of the kids in LOs class (14-18 month olds) EXCEPT him up to the next (toddler) classroom on February 1. He will be left in his current room with all the 11-13 month olds who are moving up from the infant room. Their reasoning is that he's not walking and it's not safe for him in the next room. (Never mind that he's currently with all those kids now and fine...)

I'm not really sure how to think/feel. On one hand, I feel like being around younger kids, many of whom are not walking yet, is not the motivation LO needs at this point. And I'm angry that walking is the one developmental factor they are using to determine who is in what class. And then another part of me feels like I did something wrong that he's not walking like the other kids. I'm kind of a wreck about it. I know it's dramatic, but I sorta feel like day care is telling me my LO is so behind that they need to "leave him back" a grade. Yet then I'm also mad at myself for comparing my son to other kids...

I'm planning on talking to day care tomorrow about my concerns, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for now, other than to vent, but any advice would be appreciated!