girlfriend is only 16 weeks so that just ain't going to happen. lol

She started this weekend with this thing where every time we lay her on her back (every. single. time.) she starts straining and trying soooooo hard to lift her head/body up and sit up. Except she is obviously way too little to be able to sit up from laying down by herself. She has not yet even rolled over (either way)! She seems incredibly strong (like she has been standing on her own with us just making sure she doesn't fall over since about a month old), but she hasn't really cared enough to work on rolling it seems. She also hasn't really pushed up during tummy time yet. A few times she supports herself on her forearms, but mostly she just supermans.

So now for the last 3 days we can't lay her down (at all. ever.) without her screaming because she immediately strains to sit up and gets angry when she can't do it. (This is either causing, or is compounded by the fact that she has been inconsolably cranky the last few days as well).

Is there anything I can do to help her? I mean... she's just not going to sit up right now. Or probably for weeks. And I'm going to be pretty bummed out if it's another 2 months before we can lay her down haha. Also I worry she isn't going to get as much practice at milestones if she isn't spending much time on her back to work on these things.

Tips for getting through this bump in the road are appreciated