My daughter is 4 months and a week. Unfortunately, because of reflux and colic episodes when she was born, we got into the habit of rocking her to sleep. I have no problem with doing that except it is no longer working- it's a constant battle.. I know she is in a wonder week "leap" and she just learned to roll from back to belly. I know we have to sleep train her, but any time I put her in the crib, she rolls onto belly and thinks it is tummy time. I would be ok with her sleeping on belly but she won't put her head down. We are also dealing with increased spit up since she has become more active so when she rolls on her belly, it's usually followed with spit up. Should we wait to sleep train? Any recommendations on a method? I should say that she sleeps through the night- dream feeds at 9:30 and will usually sleep 10-12 hours.