DS turns 3 next week. He has gone to an in home daycare since 4 months. On Monday he started at his big sister’s preschool. He is familiar with it from pick ups and seemed genuinely excited.

Now that he’s started he is begging to go back to his old school and crying a lot according to DD and one teacher. The other teachers say it isn’t bad but I think they are sugar coating it. I know the one teacher is brutally honest. Morning goodbyes are getting tougher each day. Today he tearfully repeated the whole way to school that he wanted to go to his old school. Then he refused to get out of the car and balled when I dropped him off.

DD is helping with her brother the best she can. They are together in the morning and afternoon when the group is smaller.

Any tips besides just to give it time? I know he must be missing DCP since she was like family but I don’t think we should go visit her yet. Maybe DD was just so easy by comparison and this is just worse by comparison (although I get the sense he’s on the crying/clingy side from the teachers).

He is happy at pick up, napping, eating, and using the potty for the most part so it’s not all bad.