I could use a little support from moms who have been there.

So we just finished Day 3 of preschool (all day tues/thurs, must be potty trained) and I feel like I'm the parent with the problem child! Day 1 went pretty well. On Day 2 the director asked me whether my daily 2-3 he napper ever naps!? She said he was being really loud and jumping up and down saying he was all done and basically disrupting all the other nappers. Today was the same so we reviewed our home routine which they will try (They have basically no transition between lunch and nap which I think D really needs.)

And also today there were two bags with his name on it waiting outside the door :(. He went through 3 sets of clothes today... He's doing fairly well at home...

I just feel like the mom of the problem child (even though I know he's behaving like a normal toddler).

He is completely unphased though. No problem saying bye to me, no tears at all ever.