My 3-year old started preschool this fall (at the same place he was doing daycare last year). His class is about 18 kids, ages 3-5. He definitely still needs his nap, 1.5 to 2 hours at home. At school, we're lucky if he can get in 45 minutes. This tiny nap/no nap is new to this school year, and it's clearly because the class is too noisy to sleep. Also, I don't think the teachers really care about naps. One of them recently told me only 3 of the 18 kids even nap regularly, which I'm pretty sure isn't true. I've talked to the teachers multiple times, but I just don't think they're concerned about sleep. It's so bad my husband is trying to send our kid to school with these huge noise canceling headphones.

Any thoughts? Am I overreacting? Is there something else I should be asking for? I don't want to switch schools for nap reasons, since we otherwise like the school, but this is super frustrating! Thanks:)