I'm pretty upset. My 3 y/o started preschool in August. The school had a policy that you have to be potty trained before attending. I was totally upfront with them that I was starting in July and throughout the past months, we continue to discuss his progress.

Today I got a call from the director that some teachers are frustrated because he's still having accidents. (Not daily, but close to it. But has made tons of progress. This is the first week back after 10 day break.) She basically said she understands and is fine with his current potty behaviors, but needs to show the staff that she's doing something since it's a policy so she wants me to get a doctor eval. She's basically going to call this a special needs situation. It's stupid, but I'm even okay with that. (He's a micropreemie, turned 3 in October, actual due date, Jan 17...so in a week or two. So he's right normal with average boys ok potty training.)

What mostly bothers me is that anyone at all is frustrated with my son, that they could be demonstrating this him in some way and that they will cause a fight with potty trying and it'll never fully happen.

So on the one hand, I can get the doc eval, meet with the teachers (there are 14 - 1 is always just on bathroom duty), have a specific policy for how to help Dylan with potty training to keep it on track and positive,

Or I can find a new school.

Overall I really love this school and imagined him being here for the next 3 years.

Advice please??