I realize this might not be a bad thing but I’m worried I’m undermining myself

My Lo is 5 months. He sleeps 630-530 or 6 and takes 2-3 naps a day. My problem is the early waking for the day combined with super long naps. And I’m wondering if he’s napping too long during the day. We just sleep trained 2 weeks ago (and when I say sleep trained I mean I didn’t run in at first cry and poof...he just sorta slept through.)

Anyway..he’s been waking at 5-5:45 for the day. Sometimes I’ll nurse and he might go back down until 645 but today he got up at 515 and wouldn’t sleep. I put him down for his first nap at 830 and it’s now 1045 and he’s still asleep. Umm. He naps so long at times during the day that there just isn’t time for three naps.
Should I wake him? Cap his naps to 2 hours? I’d prefer if he slept at night 630-630 at the least because his fussing wakes my older one.