My six year old has a very, very loose baby tooth and she is unexpectedly anxious about it. It's barely hanging on by a thread at this point and has been bleeding on and off for the last couple days...I kind of can't believe it's still hanging in there. She has been obsessed with loose teeth and playing tooth fairy for the last year, so I thought we'd approach this milestone with a little more excitement...but the looser this tooth has become, the more panicky she's getting about it coming out. I found her crying in her room this morning talking about how she never wants it to come out and she's refusing breakfast because she doesn't want to open her mouth to "let the tooth out."

Anyone have ideas to help? Over the last year or so, we've read books about loose teeth and she liked those, but none of it seems to bring her much comfort in the moment now. We've talked about how it's a little bloody, but not in a "hurt" way like a scrape - so I think she's prepared-ish (or at least aware) of that. We've encouraged her that it'll come out when it's ready and that as she wiggles it, it'll wiggle out when it's ready. She's excited for the tooth fairy to bring her a dollar, but she just (very dramatically) told me that no amount of money is worth it now... I feel like I'm walking a fine line of talking about it to help her through vs. saying too much and making a bigger deal than is helpful.