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Losing a twin

  1. Hoots

    kiwi / 673 posts

    I'm so sorry.

  2. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    I'm so sorry!

  3. MrsMccarthy

    honeydew / 7295 posts

    I'm so very sorry for your loss honey! Thata a beautiful photo of your thriving baby.

  4. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    I'm so so sorry! But so thankful your other baby is growing strong and healthy.

  5. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    I am so sorry!

  6. charleysmom

    grape / 89 posts

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I did IVF and at my first ultrasound they saw what appeared to be a second sac but it was empty. I was so happy to have one healthy baby but it was, and still is, bittersweet to think of the "what ifs." I handled it ok emotionally until I was around 7 months and someone looked at my belly and asked if I was sure I wasn't having twins. That broke me. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and focus on the positive. It really is an amazing time!

  7. MrsRcCar

    grapefruit / 4712 posts

    Sorry momma.

  8. GoGoSnoGirl

    pear / 1558 posts

    @Leialou: I'm so so sorry for the loss of one of your twins. I think it is only human to feel bittersweet about where you are at. I didn't have conclusive evidence of a vanishing twin, myself, just a suspicion, & I still felt grief over that possible lost twin while feeling so grateful to have 1 growing baby. Thinking of you & wishing all the best for your growing little miracle.

  9. Trailmix

    nectarine / 2152 posts

    So sorry for your loss but happy to hear that Baby A is thriving! I think it is unfortunately fairly common with multiples

  10. PurplePumps

    pomegranate / 3807 posts

    I'm so sorry. Thankful to hear that baby A is doing great though.

  11. Reese

    pomegranate / 3521 posts

    So sorry

  12. photojane

    cantaloupe / 6164 posts

    @Leialou: baby A looks so great!! I don't have experience or any words of wisdom, but I'm praying for you tonight.

  13. hilsy85

    squash / 13764 posts

    I am so sorry I hope everything continues to look great for baby A!

  14. MapleMoose

    grapefruit / 4213 posts

    So sorry for your loss. Hello beautiful Baby A!

  15. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    I'm so sorry. This happened to my sister as well.

  16. Freckles

    honeydew / 7444 posts

    I'm so sorry but glad that baby A is healthy and well!

  17. kentuckygirl

    pear / 1786 posts

    I am so sorry to hear your news . Thinking of you all and praying that Baby A continues to do well.

  18. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  19. marionberry

    pomelo / 5041 posts

    I am so sorry for your loss. There were two moms in our birth month group (April Mamas) who lost one twin fairly early on as well. I'm sure that you could talk to one of them if you have any questions. Baby A looks super cute and healthy!

  20. BandDmommy

    pomelo / 5660 posts

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  21. LovelyPlum

    eggplant / 11408 posts

    I'm so sorry, Mama. But what a beautiful little one!

  22. jhd

    coconut / 8078 posts

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  23. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    I'm so sorry

  24. ChelseaRose

    persimmon / 1161 posts

    Sorry mama. My supervisor has twins (they are teens now) and she actually had a third baby that died early on. She did IVF and was an older mom (not sure if you are or not), but was able to carry the remaining babies to full term. I'm glad your baby A looks healthy and growing strong. Hang in there.

  25. daniellemybelle

    cantaloupe / 6669 posts

    I'm sorry for your loss. Bitter & sweet is right. Wish it was all sweet, but so glad for the sweet nonetheless.

  26. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Baby A looks adorable and I'm glad to hear healthy too.

    You probably already saw my posts on the Oct board but our case was a little different, we didn't know about the second one until it had already stopped developing. We still felt a little mixed about everything but were so grateful to have one viable one in there. I know your case is different though, and I'm so sorry for your loss and wish you healing and a happy healthy pregnancy the rest of the way through.

  27. lazypanda

    kiwi / 636 posts

    I'm sorry to hear. I know the two IF ladies shared about their loss in the pregnancy after IF thread. Baby A looks super big & healthy!

  28. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    My story is similar to @2littlepumpkins: With LO1, I passed a very strange greyish mass around 6 weeks, but it didn't seem to be a miscarriage and I just chalked it up to wierd pregnancy things and my OB's office said it didn't sound like a miscarriage since I wasn't having any bleeding. My 1st ultrasound was at 10 weeks, we only saw one healthy baby and all was well. I had another scan at 12 weeks and the tech saw a 2nd empty sac at that one. So it seems that we did have a vanishing twin. I think because we knew we already had one healthy baby and hadn't even considered the possibility of twins, it was a little less shocking. It did feel a little strange for awhile to think of the what ifs, but I didn't really get upset about it. Clearly, my situation is very different than yours (I had no problems TTC), but it's definitely normal to have a wide range of emotions. I hope the rest of your pregancy is healthy and smooth!

  29. TheSwissWifeStyle

    nectarine / 2600 posts

    Oh no, so sorry No real experience with this, just hugs

  30. MrsF

    honeydew / 7283 posts

    I'm so sorry for your loss

  31. FaithFertility

    eggplant / 11861 posts

    Ohhh I'm so sorry praying for you

  32. AprilFool

    nectarine / 2591 posts

    I'm sorry and what a beautiful looking babe!

  33. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @charleysmom: Oh man!! That would tear me apart too!!

  34. Mrs. Confetti

    blogger / pomegranate / 3491 posts

    Send lots of love your way - any kind of loss is hard. There was a great post on scary mommy about losing a twin in the past week or so. Will look for it and wall you if I can find it. Just like any loss I am sure time will help you heal (sometimes lots and lots of it) and I am so happy to see baby A looking so great! Xoxo

  35. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    I'm sorry for your loss Baby A is looking good! I hope you are able to connect with some fellow bees that have experienced the loss of a twin.

  36. swurlygurl

    honeydew / 7091 posts

    I'm so sorry

    L was originally a twin. I had a previous ectopic pregnancy, so when I got pregnant with L I was having a lot of early ultrasounds to make sure the pregnancy was progressing as it should. I was shocked to see TWO babies at 4.5 and 5.5 weeks! When I went back at 7 weeks for the heartbeats, it looked like L's twin had just stopped growing. I would be lying if I said it still didn't make me sad today. Looking at L playing and wondering how much different her life would be with a twin sibling...

    There are all sorts of things I tell myself about the situation to make myself feel better. I can share if you want, but otherwise congrats on your healthy and wonderfully growing baby!!

  37. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

  38. mrs.shinerbock

    pomegranate / 3779 posts

    I'm so sorry.

  39. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    So sorry

  40. bpcmarj

    pomegranate / 3729 posts

    This happened to a very good friend of mine. They still remember the twin and plan to tell their daughter about her twin. I will see if I can get her on to tell you her experience.

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