I feel so bad, I just need to vent!

LO was trying to climb in her closet last weekend, and she fell and scraped her ribs. It looked like rug burn at the time, but I covered it with a big bandage because I thought it might be uncomfortable rubbing against her clothes. LO tends to wear band-aids until they just about fall off, and though I mentioned once or twice that we would have to take it off soon, I didn't think much about it. This evening, one corner of the bandage was loose, and I could see that the skin was irritated, so I ripped it off after bath time. It looks SO MUCH WORSE, red and raw and weepy! I guess the big bandage kept it all sealed up, and it just looked terrible. We lubed her up with antibacterial ointment and wrapped it in gauze, but I feel so awful that I didn't change the bandage sooner. If it doesn't look much improved in the morning, I am calling her pediatrician to see if we need oral as well as topical infection prevention.

Anyone else want to make me feel better and tell me how you basically injured your own child?