We have an orthopedic appointment this week to discuss pain management and medicine for DS (4 years old), and are looking for suggestions for entertaining him so we can actually talk to the doctor during it.

DS is pretty tired of seeing doctors all the time. We seem to go at least once or twice a month. He gets bored or just doesn’t want to be there, and tends to spend the whole time trying to talk to us and get our attention, while my husband and I are trying to talk to the doctor. We bring a lot of things to try to distract him – a new coloring book and markers, a new small toy, books, small random things from the dollar store, and a tablet. While he can be entertained by watching something on the tablet for a while, the problem is we can’t rely on the tablet for the whole time, because DS gets upset if the doctor then wants to examine/speak with him when he’s in the middle of watching something.

Does anybody have any tips for making it through lots of long doctors' appointments?