My LO is 3.5 and has been at his current daycare since August. It's a large, national center. We came from a small in-home daycare before this, so I'm not sure what's normal or typical at a larger center. He has two main teachers, one who opens in the morning and one who stays until the end of the day. I really like them and that's the one consistent thing for him. My question is about how much variety is acceptable in the number of different assistants that help out. There seems to be maybe 3 different people who are there in the mornings, depending on the day. In the afternoon, there are 3 people who are there more frequently, but I've seen at least 6 different staff members in his classroom at pick-up. (depending on the day, not at once) That just feels like a lot of different people who hardly get to know the kids. At pick up there's almost always one of the main teachers, too, but not always. And there are about 16 kids in the class, so the assistants have to do a lot of interacting with the kids. The other day when I came to pick him up, there were 3 staff members in the room and I only recognized one.
Would this bother you? Is this typical of larger centers? I know they are having some issues with staff turnover, so it's probably related. Thanks!