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MC naturally or D&C?

  1. bluerose

    pea / 21 posts

    I'm so very sorry A miscarriage is such a sad and tough thing to go through. Be easy on yourself and take some physical and emotional rest. After weeks of going through uncertainty and a slowly progressing miscarriage I very much wanted to feel "normal" but rest was what my body needed. I found that talking to people who also have had miscarriages helped. I opted to have a natural miscarriage because things were progressing on their own but I'll be honest and say it was a long 8 week process. It is definitely not like that for everyone though, and I've heard of many shorter timeframe natural miscarriages.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Littlebit

    nectarine / 2932 posts

    Oh god, I am so, so sorry to hear this I will be thinking about you and your family.

  3. LBee

    pomegranate / 3895 posts

    I'm so sorry. I'll be thinking about you and your family .

  4. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    I'm so sorry

    I found out at 10 weeks that the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. I chose to take the medication to induce labor because I didn't want to wait for it to happen naturally and wanted to avoid a D&C, if possible. It was a long, drawn out process but I was glad it was at home, where I felt more comfortable.

  5. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    When we found out our lil baby quit growing, I chose a D&C because I didn't want to deal with the waiting it out phase and seeing the tissue pass when it happened. The procedure was quick (30 minutes total). Please feel free to PM me!

  6. blackbird

    wonderful grape / 20453 posts

    Oh, I'm so sorry

    I had a natural miscarriage at 12 weeks and I wish I would have known to have the D&C. I didn't know I was miscarrying until I started bleeding a LOT in a public place and I was ambulanced to an ER. It was a terrible and somewhat traumatizing experience.

  7. mrsbubbletea

    nectarine / 2821 posts

    I am so sorry. Thinking of you.

  8. Periwinkle

    pear / 1879 posts

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you in this difficult time.

  9. stargal

    pomegranate / 3890 posts

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you ❤❤

  10. SweetCaroline

    pear / 1718 posts

    I'm so sorry

  11. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    I had another ultrasound to confirm and I have a D&C scheduled for tomorrow AM. Ugh, I didn't expect a miscarriage to be so hard. Thank you everyone for the kind words

  12. JoJoGirl

    cantaloupe / 6206 posts

    @HLK208: I am SO sorry. In my experience it was also 10000 times harder than I ever could have imagined. Yours was on the late side too, which makes it worse. So many hugs coming your way.

  13. LCTBQE

    nectarine / 2461 posts

    @HLK208: glad you'll be taken good care of

  14. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @HLK208: so much love, friend.

  15. agold

    grapefruit / 4043 posts

    @HLK208: I'm keeping you in my thoughts. I'm so sorry.

  16. Pirouette

    pomegranate / 3331 posts

    @HLK208: thinking of you and sending you hugs

  17. 2PeasinaPod

    pomelo / 5524 posts

    @HLK208: I am so sorry for your and your family's loss. It's so hard to go through a miscarriage, and even harder when your children understand what's happening as well. I've had 2 D&Cs and 2 natural miscarriages, and I would much prefer the D&C - it helped me to move on faster. Sending you good thoughts that everything goes smoothly tomorrow

  18. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    @HLK208: thinking of you and your family today

  19. blackbird

    wonderful grape / 20453 posts

    Thinking of you guys today

  20. BandDmommy

    pomelo / 5660 posts

    @HLK208: thinking of you

  21. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    Praying for you guys today. I'm so, so sorry.

  22. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8483 posts

    Thinking of you today

  23. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    thinking of you today

  24. coopsmama

    cantaloupe / 6059 posts

    @HLK208: Lots of love and prayers for today.

  25. bluerose

    pea / 21 posts

    Thinking of you.

  26. Mrs. J

    pomelo / 5132 posts

    Thinking of you today

  27. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    @HLK208: Thinking of you today.

  28. pregnantbee

    grapefruit / 4717 posts

  29. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    @HLK208: thinking of you, love

  30. travelgirl1

    cantaloupe / 6630 posts

    @HLK208: I missed this and am so, so sorry. Thinking of you and sending you lots of love and hugs

  31. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    Thank you everyone, so much.

    It went well. The only hard part was when I woke up, I was pretty out of it from the anesthesia and I asked to see my baby 😞 When they said I couldn't, I cried. A lot. Which made me feel like an idiot.

    I just need to figure out how to cope from here.

  32. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    @HLK208: sending hugs your way. I hope you find comfort in this community, we're all sending so much love your way.

  33. MamaCate

    pomegranate / 3595 posts

    @HLK208: prayers and hugs coming your way! It is really hard! Be gentle with yourself.

  34. dcw6411

    apricot / 382 posts

    @HLK208: Sending you so much love and prayers today. I am so sorry you had to go through this.

  35. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    I'm so so sorry.

  36. Ree723

    grapefruit / 4819 posts

    @HLK208: So many hugs and so much love being sent your way. I'm so sorry, my friend, you'll continue to be in my thoughts

  37. jh524

    pear / 1632 posts

    @HLK208: I'm so sorry:(

  38. BandDmommy

    pomelo / 5660 posts


  39. simplyfelicity

    cantaloupe / 6634 posts

    Glad to hear it went as smoothly as possible. Please be gentle with yourself and allow others to take care of you.

  40. MoonMoon

    pomegranate / 3391 posts

    I'm sorry for your loss.

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