I'm not a mom yet, so I'm not judging!

But I'm just wondering, does your LO have a crying meltdown every day?

I ask because our neighbors kid(s?) seem to be crying all the time, every day. It's a big home, with maybe 3-4 apartment units in it? So I'm not quite sure who the "cryer' is, but since it's been warm out they've been outside every day. (Good for them!) And of course our windows have been open. Basically our one wall is a huge sliding glass door, so I can see and hear everything.

Not sure the age, maybe 2-3? I remember the same thing happened last year, and figured by this year they'd be grown out of it. But I guess not! It seems like someone has a meltdown about something at least once a day. Unfortunately I don't speak French so I have no idea of the circumstance. (Ie-the mom told them not to pick something up and they got in trouble, they fell down, another kid took a toy away, etc.)

Just wondering if this is common? Again, not judging, just wondering!