Ugh. I had a dream about a big fight with MIL last weekend and I swear it was foreshadowing for the annoying conversation we just had.

She lives about 25 min away but we don't see her all that often because she doesn't drive except in her immediate area (for the most part...that's a topic for another day!). Usually my husband brings my son over to her house once or twice a month when I am working. They went over on Saturday, and when I was chatting with him Sunday about how it went, he mentioned she was very concerned about his stuttering. He is 2.5 and its true that in the last few weeks he has started stuttering a lot. But, he doesnt always do it, and from what I have read it can be totally normal at this age, especially the way in which he does it. He's quite a verbal child, and it's insane when you think of all the ways their minds and vocabularies continue to explode every single day at this age!

So, fast forward to today, when we got my son a haircut. She's always been obsessed with how long and unkempt his hair is, and so I sent her a pic of the haircut process and the after cause I knew she'd get a kick out of it. She sent a nice message back and then called me, and sent another message saying to call her when I get a chance. I called when DS went down to nap. So, what she wanted to discuss with me was his stutter. She is extremely concerned, she said I probably haven't noticed it since I am around him all the time, she also said I haven't noticed it since I work all the time (how do those two go together again??). Then she said We should really get his lead levels rechecked (they were high in the past, like at 1, we did some abatement in our home and when we rechecked they were almost normal so we never checked again since the developmental age for putting things in mouth as much was over and it was clearly improved). I guess implying that maybe he could be stuttering from having high levels? Like WTF?

Then she went on a tangent about how smart he is. Followed by another tangent about an article she read about antibiotics and not finishing the courses as a good thing. Meanwhile, my son has never been on antibiotics, I haven't for years, and she's the one who always suggests we need antibiotics when he has a cold.

My plan when she says freaking irritating stuff like this is to just go "hmm. thats interesting" and then change the subject. I know in hindsight this time was no different, I should have just made an excuse and got off the phone. But its so hard! Can anyone relate? Please chime in with MIL/whoever vent!