We are thinking of selling my compact car and getting a minivan. Seems crazy to me with only 2 kids, but we like to cart around dogs, take lots of stuff on road trips, and often go places with my parents. It would be really nice to not have to take 2 cars in that situation. Or to be able to take a stroller and a dog. Or a bike and a stroller. Etc. We had a midsize SUV and while it was a lot better, the seating issue was still a problem. I would love to stick with Honda or Toyota, but I'm not sure we can really swing that. We rented a Nissan Quest for a week in Hawaii, and while it was pretty much the ugliest car I've ever seen, it had SO MUCH SPACE. The back row was comfy even for my very tall family. The cargo area easily fit all of our beach stuff and the jogging stroller. Changing diapers on the back seat was simple. Does anyone know how the cargo space/back seat space compares to the Honda or Toyota minivans? Are there other options I haven't thought of?